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Product details

  • Brand: Bush
  • Catalogue number: 151/2463
  • Manufacturer's number: B320PVR
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, this can be done on the B320PVR, just record the channel like any other.
  • Ideally the set top box needs to connect to an external household aerial. If this is unavailable an indoor aerial can be used, but the channels received will be dependent on the quality and power of the signal in your area.
  • Yes, the B320PVR will record in HD as long as the program being recorded is HD.
  • Please click here and enter your postcode for the most up to date coverage.

  • To do this you will need to do the following: 1. Press menu button. 2. Scroll to setup and press OK. 3. Scroll to installation and press OK. 4. Scroll to first time installation and press OK. 5. "Do you want to delete all channels and settings for first time installation? Your recordings will be preserved." Will be displayed scroll to yes and press OK. 6. "Welcome" will appear on screen, select either widescreen 16:9 or normal 4:3 and press OK. 7. "Select HDMI Resolution" will appear on screen, select either HDMI 1080p or HDMI 1080i and press OK. 8. "Do you want to start an automatic channel scan?" will be displayed select either yes or no and press OK. 9. Note : automatic channel scan will begin this will take a few minutes. 10. "Choose Region" will appear on screen, press OK on country UK, to move to primary region. 11. Scroll to select primary region e.g. England and press OK to move to secondary region. 12. Scroll to select secondary region e.g. West and press OK to move to tertiary region. 13. Press OK to finish region selection.
  • You can register for your free Bush guarantee in a few simple steps by clicking here or watch the video below which will walk you through all the methods to register along with the benefits of doing so.

  • Please watch the below video which will guide you through a simple process.  All you will need is a smart phone with a camera and of course your remote control!

  • If you have previously had good coverage, and you have now lost some of your channels, try retuning your set top box to reload channels. If channels are still missing you may need to clear the memory of your box before retuning. Make sure it is turned off and unplug the aerial. Turn on the equipment again and retune without the aerial; your box won't find any channels. Turn off the equipment again and plug the aerial back in. After restoring the power, do a full retune using the first time installationÂ’ option (sometimes called ‘default or factory settings). You should find your channels return. If you are not certain about how to do a full retune of your equipment, check your manual for instructions. There are also local factors to consider if you have lost a block of channels only, for example a portion of the local signal may have been reduced in power or work could be being carried out.

  • Please click here to see the most up to date list of channels available in your area.

  • We are sorry that you have a damaged/missing part, please click here to order spares for your product. We’ll do our best to get the required part to you as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours)

  • We stock 1000s of spare parts, so chances are we will be able to help you!


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