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  • Brand: Zinc
  • Catalogue number: 719/7837
  • Manufacturer's number: 7197837

Zinc Customer support

UK: Eire:
0800 731 0006 +44 800 731 0006
Mon-Fri: Sat-Sun:
9am to 5:30pm Closed

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It is important that you ensure your feet are placed away from the front castor wheel as it may become jammed on your shoes and damage the wheel.

It is vital that you ensure the plastic wedges are fitted to the correct sides. The wedges are marked with an 'L' for 'left' and an 'R' for right. They should fit snug to the kart when strapped down. If fitted incorrectly, it can cause damage to the board and cause the kart to slip.

If you are struggling to fit the kart, please contact the Zinc helpline on 0800 731 0006 or

It is vital that the handlebars on the kart are clipped into position at a 45 degree angle.

If the handlebars are in the incorrect position and the kart is subject to aggressive use, strap damage may occur, resulting in them snapping.

If you are struggling to clip the handlebars in at the correct angle, please contact the Zinc helpline on 0800 731 0006 or

The Smart Kart is designed for outdoor use only. The kart should only be ridden on dry, flat, level ground.

Both hands should be on both handlebars at the same time, at all times.

To move forward, push both handlebars forward.

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